Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Routes of Man

In the sections "Forest Primeval to Park Avenue," "Road or Not a Road,"  "Slipping from Shangri-La," and "Road Ecology" conovers main point or thesis is that Roads or pathways come in diffrent shapes, sizes,advantages and disadvantages but in the end they all connect people in diffrent ways.

Rhetorical Modes

Description- is used in these sections because it gives literal decription of all five sences for example in slipping  from Shangria-La conover talks about the tempture how the ice feels and looks.

Defenition- is used i ways to explain who bulit the roads or pathways and how they where built

Exemplification- is used to demostrate how life is for people on diffrent sides of the world

Nararation-is used alot because conover is telling his experience and storys about the roads he has tyraveled on

Compare and contranst- is used when conover compares how the roads from his journey to puerto Maldonado and  his jorney through the chaddar where didffrent and alike.

Process of analysis-is used because during his journeys conover discusses how he will get from one point to another.